Competition Scuola futura - Primary school Piove di Sacco

Competition Scuola futura - Primary school Piove di Sacco

26 feb 2023
The building architecturally translates the concept of discovery and knowledge of the world, evoking natural elements and allowing an articulated sensory experience through a constant relationship with the external environment.

The distribution of functions within the complex accompanies the child on a path of discovery of the relationship with each other, expressed architecturally through a gradual transition from the "city to the section".

The agora is the central space of connection to host the various educational activities, while the central patio also contributes to recall the theme of the forest inside the building.

The gabled architectural volumes represent the village: they host the sections, introduced by a band intended for practical activities from which you access the main space, intended for the activities ordered, where a glass wall guarantees a visual continuity and use between indoor and outdoor space.

The lawn creeps into the woods extending the space of the classrooms to the outside and forming breath-taking clearings with vocations of discovery, outdoor teaching and play depending on the natural elements and furnishings that make them up.

 Roberto Rubini, architect