Competition Scuola Futura: Primary school Vedano al Lambro

Competition Scuola Futura: Primary school Vedano al Lambro

24 mar 2023
The project concerns the new elementary school in Vedano al Lambro, presented at the "Scuola Futura" competition organized by the MISE and classified at the 3rd place.
The project for the new primary school in Vedano al Lambro seeks a deep integration between the natural and artificial elements present in the wider field of intervention.
The entrance to the building is from the West, where two large disks define, identify and protect the external space, recalling the existing structures and at the same time dialoguing with the linear forms of the new school building, thus becoming the most recognizable element and identity. The square in front leads to the entrance, mediating the relationship between school and outdoor space with natural elements and recalling the circular shapes of the structure.
The entrance hall, the canteen and the multipurpose hall are designed as autonomous spaces but can be connected and suitable to accommodate a variety of events, with mobile walls that define if necessary and in a short time new spaces suitable for different activities.
The library integrated in the school, accessible from the outside for use by the citizens, is one of the most peculiar environments that characterize the school building, where architectural elements and furnishings merge to form a room suitable for both reading and collective activities: it overlooks the large park and equipped with a sports facility where, to intersperse the seats of the steps, there are patches of trees and shrubs that perform the dual function of shading and make the rest more pleasant.

 Roberto Rubini, architect

 Vedano al Lambro