• 23 apr 2024

    Parco Nord: school with a sustainability model

     Il Giorno Milano 21/04/2024...

  • 25 gen 2024

    Competition Scuola Futura: Primary school Vedano al Lambro

    The project consists of 2 buildings of 3 floors, plus a basement, for a total of 38 apartments of various sizes. The residential complex is cha...

  • 15 sep 2023

    Oggioni e associati engineering


  • 24 mar 2023

    Competition Scuola Futura: Primary school Vedano al Lambro

    The project concerns the new elementary school in Vedano al Lambro, presented at the "Scuola Futura" competition organized by the MISE and classif...

  • 26 feb 2023

    Competition Scuola futura - Primary school Piove di Sacco

    The building architecturally translates the concept of discovery and knowledge of the world, evoking natural elements and allowing an articulated se...

  • 25 gen 2023

    The BIM, a further opportunity in ...

     BIMportale 25/01/2023 View the PDF version...

  • 06 dec 2022

    Via Turati - Biassono

    The project is a redevelopment project with the demolition of an abandoned building for commercial/craft use which is replaced by two buildings of 4...

  • 10 nov 2022

    L'ex Garbagnati diventa Arborea Living

     Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza 10/11/2022...

  • 20 feb 2022

    Archistar a Monza

     Il Corriere della sera 20/02/2022...

  • 17 feb 2022

    Arborea Living Lotto 2 - Monza

    The second unit of Arborea Living includes the construction of three buildings of various types and sizes. The one overlooking the new square in ...

  • 21 gen 2022

    Villa Penati - Burago Molgora

    The project involves the complete renovation of the Villa, its green areas and courtyard spaces, in order to restore its historical and architectura...

  • 02 jul 2021

    Residenza Via Clementi - Monza

    The project consists of two buildings of 4 and 5 floors above ground, plus a basement, for a total of 19 large apartments. The residential comple...

  • 03 jun 2021

    Residenze nel verde - Gessate

     Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager Gessate The project involves the construction of six residential buildings of varying height from 6 to 8 flo...

  • 20 apr 2021

    Residenza Grazie Vecchie - Monza

     Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager dello studio Via Bixio - Monza This elegant residential project was born in a former area used as ...

  • 26 mar 2021

    Service of communication, video and rendering

    COMMUNICATION, VIDEO AND RENDERING “We are on the threshold of a new historical era in which the written word will be succeeded by the i...

  • 16 mar 2021

    Residenze O-P - Pozzo D'Adda

     Anna Oggioni, Project Manager Residenze O-P - Pozzo D'Adda This project is part of an Integrated Intervention Plan which invol...

  • 15 feb 2021

    Residenza San Fermo - Albiate

     Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager dello studio Via Trieste e Via Battisti - Albiate This project is located in the green of Brianza, betwee...

  • 19 gen 2021

    Villa Citterio - Cologno Monzese

    Anna Oggioni, Project Manager Villa Citterio - Cologno Monzese The project concerns the renovation and conservation of Villa Citterio in th...

  • 03 dec 2020

    Arborea Living, Unit 1 - Monza

    Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager Ex Garbagnati area - MonzaThe plan for the former industrial area of ​​Garbagnati in Monza proposes the redevelop...

  • 09 nov 2020

    Residenza De Andrè - Pioltello Limito

    Anna Oggioni, Project manager Pioltello Limito Limito di Pioltello is an ancient village that rises on the outskirts of Milan and still...

  • 14 oct 2020

    DroneSCAN: new technologies at the service of architecture

    Knowing, measuring, observing, describing the forms of architecture, the territory and the city from a new perspective! "DroneSCAN" is a service th...

  • 10 oct 2020

    Sulle sponde del Lambro nasce - Monza due -

    IL GIORNO  10/10/2020...

  • 08 oct 2020

    Le terrazze del sole - Monza

    Anna Oggioni, Project manager Via della Taccona - Monza The Terrazze del Sole project seeks to create a greater connection between the ...

  • 01 sep 2020

    Via Baracca - Monza

    Roberto Rubini, BIM Coordinator Via Baracca - Monza For the concept of these new residences we have tried to develop a greater relationship be...

  • 05 aug 2020

    Oggioni e Associati engineering presentation

    Oggioni e Associati engineering corporate video...

  • 16 gen 2019

    BIM metodology

    How and why Oggioni e Associati engineering uses BIM metodology...

  • 26 apr 2018

    Ex Garbagnati - La città che cambia pelle

    IL CITTADINO  26/04/2018...

  • 26 apr 2018

    Ex Garbagnati - Tour nelle aree dismesse

     Il Cittadino  26/04/2018...

  • 25 apr 2018

    Ex Garbagnati - Pronta a partire la trasformazione

     Il Giorno  25/04/2018...