Masterplan Pre Concept, Duqm - Oman

Masterplan Pre Concept, Duqm - Oman

 Year: 2017 

 Location: Duqm  (Oman) 

 Total area: 620.000 sqm

 Facilities: Hotel 3* - 4*- 5*

 N.s of apartments: 500

The masterplan proposal starts with some key concepts that have become the cornerstone of the proposal: the nature of the area and its morphological conformation, the level difference between main access and the sea, the presence of the wadi.

These three elements have been put into system and, intrinsically linked, have led to the elaboration of the first concept: the Waterfall Gate. As mentioned above, the wadi area will be subdivided into three main lagoons to ensure water is available throughout the year, and not just during the wadi full periods. With regard to this, in case of abundant rains there will be a deviation of rainwater within the wadi that surrounds the project area, in order to ensure the constant cleaning of the three lagoons.

The lagoons will be built with modern filtration and water recycling systems, to avoid harmful waste and ensure high quality levels of water. They will also be navigable and usable for water sports.