Arborea Living, Unit 2 - Monza

Arborea Living, Unit 2 - Monza

  Year : 2021 – on going

  Location: Monza (Milan area, Italy)

  Total Area: 60.840 sqm

  Park Area: 25.200 sqm

 No.s apartaments: 100

The second intervention unit of Arborea Living includes the construction of three buildings of various types and sizes. Overall, the characteristics of intervention unit 1 are resumed: large balconies, the broken geometric design characteristic of the parapets and shading elements, the corner windows that dematerialize the volume of the building and the presence of roof gardens. 

The one overlooking the new square in the center of the complex certainly stands out, consisting of a building with six floors, of which the ground floor is intended for commercial use.

Characteristic element of the building are the roof gardens of the first terrace, which crown the ground floor and adorn the square.