Service of communication, video and rendering

Service of communication, video and rendering

26 mar 2021


“We are on the threshold of a new historical era in which the written word will be succeeded by the image". (E. Gombrich, 1985).

The communication of our projects takes place, almost entirely, through images, which are able let the viewer image the future: how an architectural project will look like, how it will look like externally and internally, how the experience of living the new spaces will be.

Today all these aspects are made possible thanks to modern technologies that allow us to develop each project in three dimensions and communicate it through renderings, films, animations, photo insertions.

These cutting-edge solutions allow you to evaluate every aspect of the projects, from an aesthetical and functional point of view, and effectively communicate it to your customers or end users, who can thus enjoy a detailed preview of the realization.

3D renderings and movies are often used within marketing campaigns and promotion of new interventions: our studio is able to provide all the materials for effective and high-impact communication. Specifically, we deal with: 

 Realization of photorealistic renderings;
 Realization of 3D movies;
 Creation of virtual tours;
 Creation of communication material and corporate identity: brochures, flyers, panels, business cards, objects, etc;
 Interior design for setting up showrooms for real estate sales.