Ex royal pheasant house - Park of Monza

Ex royal pheasant house - Park of Monza

 Year: 2023 - under construction

 Location: Park of Monza

The extraordinary maintenance project, in compliance with the guidelines indicated by the Masterplan for the Reggia di Monza, provides a series of interventions to enhance the historic building of the former pheasant farm with the aim of consolidating its function as a tourist destination for catering.

The planned interventions can be summarized in 6 macro-themes: the veranda on the North front, the treatment of the facades of the service building, the pedestrian entrance, the restoration of the facades and the maintenance of the roof, the information island and the plant adaptation.

It is planned to complete the plastering of the facades, They will be verified and where necessary replaced the gutters and the rainbows. The roofing will be affected by an extraordinary maintenance that can ensure proper protection of the building from the weather, through the verification of the wooden structure, the floors and the use of tiles. 

The project proposes the construction of an information island in the area of relevance of the building. The extrusion of part of the perimeter of the circular island becomes an information strip that tells the phases and transformations of the Pheasant in a continuous visual dialogue with the same. The panel may contain QR codes capable of referring to portals that can guarantee greater insights to the user in the various languages.