Via Fleming Residence, Vimercate

Via Fleming Residence, Vimercate

 Year: 2023 - under construction

 Location: Vimercate (Milan area)

 N.s of apartments: 38

The project consists of 2 buildings of 3 floors, plus a basement, for a total of 38 apartments of various sizes.

The residential complex is characterized by the presence of a wide strip of wooded green with the function of a filter and buffer between built-up and open space: a real green lung that guarantees a high environmental standard, visual impact and acoustic comfort.

The buildings are characterized by a volume developed in a predominantly horizontal direction and, therefore, the projections of the balconies and terraces become the main elements that characterize and mark the volumes on the facade.

The composition of the buildings is thus characterized by the presence of some elements with curved, convex and concave bands, which sculpt the projections of the balconies and relate the residential volume with the surrounding open space, almost embracing it.

The resulting image is that of buildings that welcome and integrate with the system of greenery and paths, with simple lines but with a strong aesthetic imprint, enhanced by the use of stone coverings and without giving prevalence to any front compared to the others.

All these elements determine a contemporary aesthetic and the continuous search for an elegant and sober image for the residential building.