Villa Citterio - Cologno Monzese

Villa Citterio - Cologno Monzese

 Year: 2018 - under construction

 Location: Cologno Monzese (Milan area) 

 Gross floor area: 300 sqm 

 N.s of apartments: 5

The project concerns the redevelopment of the Villa Citterio located in Cologno Monzese, mainly intended as a elderly residence and the headquarters of various associations.

The intervention insists on the existing building and on the adjacent barn, now in disuse and in an advanced state of deterioration; it consists mainly of energy improvement operations such as the replacement of deteriorated windows and shutters, the insulation of the attic and the reconstruction of the roof and of the façade plasters. The former stable building is redesigned maintaining the typological characteristics of the building and are inserted within it new residences for the elderly required by the client and multi-purpose spaces serving the community and the complex.

This intervention and the redesign of the green of relevance allows to connect this plant with the rest of the activities already present in the territory.