Lighting Terrace residence - Monza

Lighting Terrace residence - Monza

 Year: 2019 - under construction

 Location: Monza (Milan area) 

 Total area: 5.100 sqm

 Gross floor residential area: 2.109 sqm 

 Gross floor commercial area: 790 sqm 

 N.s of apartments: 25

 N.s of commercials: 10

 Davide Arena:

The implementation plan of via della Taccona provides for the creation of a large green area in continuity with the agricultural area of ​​the context and the construction of multifunctional buildings, which welcome residential, tertiary and managerial destinations together.

Building A will be purely used as a residence, with apartments of various sizes, for a height of five floors above ground.

Building B, on the other hand, will host the functional mix of residence and complementary activities, in order to offer the market a wide range of solutions.

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