Cascina Cantalupo, help shelter -, Monza

Cascina Cantalupo, help shelter -, Monza

 Year: 2006 - 2012

 Location: Monza (Milan area, Italy) 

 Total area: 1.600 sqm

Cascina Cantalupo, already in the Teresian cadastral maps, located on the outskirts of Monza, is composed by three buildings, joined together in the shape of "C" open towards the city, enclosing inside them a square court.

The accommodation building is designed to accommodate mothers with children and has 10 mini apartments (one/two beds). Each apartment has a living area with kitchen, bedroom and private bathroom, fully furnished with every comfort. The female retiree consists of eight shared rooms, furnished and equipped with private bathroom. There are also shared spaces, including a laundry room and shared kitchen.

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