Concept: Via Cavriana 26 - Milan

Concept: Via Cavriana 26 - Milan

 Year: 2020 

 Location: Milan

 Total area: 14.000 sqm

 Gross floor area: 8.500 sqm

 N.s of apartments: 140

The concept of Cavriana 26 aims to create a residential complex that responds as much as possible to the needs of space optimization and enhancement of the built environment, both inside and outside, with a view increasingly towards envi-ronmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The architectural frame seeks a dynamic aesthetic impact in a landscape vision of the peri-urban context in which the in-tervention area is located.

At the masterplan level, three residential towers were designed, with 10 floors above ground, for a total of about 140 apartments, as well as a common underground parking space. The three towers have a strong aesthetic, which is re-flected in the balance between opaque and transparent parts, the large vertical cuts given by the corner windows, and the double-height entrances that positively qualify the intervention.

The buildings are located within a linear park, dotted with rest points, called "smart pavilions": places for work or enter-tainment, with a strong technological imprint but, at the same time, with countryside pergola look. The common spaces are crossed by the "green rooms", small oasis of ornamental green that draw the open space, alternating with lawn and tree-lined areas.

At the entrance to the area, the redevelopment of the Cascina Canavese was planned to give evidence of the area's agri-cultural past. Today it stands as the new entrance hall of the residential complex, including concierge services, common areas and the janitor’s apartment.