Villa Penati - Burago Molgora

Villa Penati - Burago Molgora

21 gen 2022
The project involves the complete renovation of the Villa, its green areas and courtyard spaces, in order to restore its historical and architectural value to the entire complex and make the Villa accessible in its entirety. Being a building on which there is a monumental constraint, it was necessary to request the opinion of the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage.
The administration's need was mainly to give a new look to the historic building currently in disuse by creating a series of multifunctional environments with exhibition and educational spaces, aimed at becoming a meeting and socializing place.
The interventions that have been planned for the recovery of the Villa concern the removal of asbestos from the roof, redevelopment of the structures, restoration and energy efficiency of the building.
To complete the building project, the arrangement of the external areas was planned.

In particular, the courtyard to the north is redesigned, allowing access to the complex from Piazza Matteotti. A "formal" garden is created that follows the alignments of the historic villa and delineates two pedestrian axes that connect the main entrance with the porch, redesigned with the insertion of a transparent "diaphragm".

The park project, on the other hand, intends to offer dignity to the Villa and act as a welcoming and recognizable place, therefore identifying, for the citizens.
Following the canons of the classical garden, which is widely referred to, there is an area with a fountain / water game, a formal hornbeam with an adjoining botanical collection, a large landscaped area with a large lawn and a grove of delight reinterpreted in light and modern style.

 Chiara Biffi, architect

 Burago Molgora