Residenze nel verde - Gessate

Residenze nel verde - Gessate

03 jun 2021
 Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager


The project involves the construction of six residential buildings of varying height from 6 to 8 floors above ground, plus a pilotis floor equipped with spaces serving the residence, for a total of about 180 apartments.
From the adjacent via San Pancrazio you enter the residential complex through a large pedestrian square overlooked by the central building, characterized by the presence of a double-height glazed entrance hall that welcomes visitors, while giving lightness to the volume of the building.
The facades of the buildings are characterized by the presence of large balconies and terraces, whose projecting volume is treated as a second skin of the building, marked by the interweaving of the glass panels with opaque parapets in order to soften and dematerialize the volume of the buildings.
The presence of the corner windows, combined with the particular coloring of the facade plaster that recalls the broken lines of the balconies, also contributes to the deconstruction process of the architectural volume, which is so complex and never banal in its aesthetic interpretation.
The strong link of the residences with the external environment is also found in the large green space that connects the buildings: it constitutes a real livable equipped space at the service of the residence, in continuity with the covered spaces of the pilotis floors at the foot of the buildings. , where the pedestrian paths wind between areas dedicated to leisure and physical activity in the open air, including a swimming pool for common use.