Residenza Via Clementi - Monza

Residenza Via Clementi - Monza

02 jul 2021
The project consists of two buildings of 4 and 5 floors above ground, plus a basement, for a total of 19 large apartments.
The residential complex is characterized by the presence of a covered glazed passage, through which the two buildings are connected: the access environment to the residences therefore presents a continuity that characterizes the entire residential complex in a unitary way.
The elevations and the volume of the buildings are characterized by the presence, adjacent to the apartments and on the roof, of bioclimatic greenhouses which, in addition to the function of efficiency and energy saving, constitute an intermediate space that enriches the gradient of perception from the external to the internal space. of the living areas, while the presence of shading elements underlines the scanning of solids and voids that characterizes the façades of the buildings.
The corner windows of the bedrooms also contribute to the "dematerialization" of the volume of the buildings and create a relationship with the glazed volumes of the bioclimatic greenhouses.
Finally, the building has, in addition to the extensive balconies, large roof gardens on the roof, accentuating, or rather welding, the relationship between the internal and external environment.
All these elements, together with the materials and colors chosen, characterize a contemporary aesthetic that dialogues with the elements of tradition and traditional construction taste, without neglecting the continuous search for an elegant and sober image for residential buildings.

 Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager