Residenza Grazie Vecchie - Monza

Residenza Grazie Vecchie - Monza

20 apr 2021
 Roberto Rubini, BIM Manager dello studio

 Via Bixio - Monza

This elegant residential project was born in a former area used as a warehouse and storage of building materials, which has always been an important reference for the construction sector within the Monza area.
Therefore, the front along Via Bixio has been maintained and protected, safeguarding the original design of the façade and giving a new life to this building of historical and testimonial value.
The new building, intended as a residence, develops within the block, almost orthogonal to Via Bixio, it has five floors above ground plus a pilotis floor and a basement for garages and service rooms.
From the entrance porch you enter the lobby, with fine finishes and double height, designed as a common space for waiting and socializing.
The green space on the ground floor remains common to the residence and a flower box located along the perimeter of the lobby gives quality and value to the entrance area.
From the lobby, through the central staircase / lift, you can access the apartments which have different developments and significant dimensions with the “living” areas facing south or west and three bedrooms.
They are also characterized by large terraces, real external living areas, which design the façade enveloping most of the volumes. On the terraces there are also sunscreens with a type of composite wood, suitable for the outdoors, which help to give dynamism to the more classic façade. The partial use of glass on the parapets gives a sense of lightness and gives brightness to the building.