Via Turati - Biassono

Via Turati - Biassono

06 dec 2022
The project is a redevelopment project with the demolition of an abandoned building for commercial/craft use which is replaced by two buildings of 4 and 5 floors above ground, plus a basement, for a total of 20 large apartments.
The two buildings have a simple volumetric development, enlivened on the facade by the projections of the balconies, the design of the exterior cladding and the articulation of the attics that have backward compared to the building volume below.
The loggias, large balconies and private gardens are an important element not only for the aesthetics of the building, but also for the quality of the apartments that can boast of real outdoor extensions of the living areas. The interiors also have generous sizes in the living areas and rooms, offering prestigious housing solutions. The building has, in addition to the extensive balconies, the large roof-gardens on the roof accentuating, or rather strengthening, the relationship between the interior and exterior.
The building therefore presents a linear and contemporary aesthetic without neglecting the elements and the traditional constructive taste, an elegant and sober image for residences of high living quality.

 Roberto Rubini, architect