Arborea Living Lotto 2 - Monza

Arborea Living Lotto 2 - Monza

17 feb 2022
The second unit of Arborea Living includes the construction of three buildings of various types and sizes.
The one overlooking the new square in the center of the complex certainly stands out, consisting of a building with six floors above ground, of which the ground floor is intended for commercial use.
A strongly characterizing element of the building are the hanging gardens on the first terrace, which crown the ground floor and adorn the square at the same time as a visual filter with the apartments on the upper floors.
The building incorporates the characteristics of the intervention unit 1 under construction: large balconies that constitute a real extension of the living areas, the broken geometric design characteristic of the parapets and shading elements, the corner windows that dematerialize the volume of the building and the presence of roof gardens on the roof.
This unit of line and ecstaticism is also found in the other two buildings provided for the intervention unit.
In particular, the building to the north-west of the area provides, at its foot, the presence of a nursery for the residents, while its particular open "v" shape determines a particular building volume in which the balconies acquire a an even more distinctive value for the views and elevations of the building.
Finally, the building to the north-east is more similar to the type already used for the first intervention unit, but with the adaptation of the housing types in order to optimize the views towards the green areas and the park along the Lambro river provided for by the plan.

 Roberto Rubini, architect