Urbanization works, Oreno - Vimercate

Urbanization works, Oreno - Vimercate

 Year: 2015 - 2016

 Location: Vimercate (Milan area, Italy)

The proposed project involves works of urbanization in an area near the new hospital of Vimercate and East Milan highway.

Our activities contribute to the improvement and completion of the buildings line and the formation of pedestrian paths, parking area, green areas and participation in the realization of new internal roads.

The predicted traffic road system tries to remedy problems in the area, especially related to the presence of New Hospital and the ability to create new exit points from Oreno. The objective is to enable a reduction of the overall traffic on the crossing of inhabited areas, to retrieve a "walkability", to achieve a mesh, also in inter-character, for the accessibility of services, without overlapping the large viability in the search for a "hierarchical" separation of traffic flows.